Liquid Rocketry Lab (LRL) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit company comprised of 150+ NCSU students. As one of North Carolina's premiere liquid propulsion and launch vehicle research teams, we're racing to build the first collegiate liquid-powered rocket to reach the Karman line: the edge of space. Additionally, we've designed and built a large mobile test stand, paving the way for a sustainable propulsion program at NC State.

Our four sub teams span the majors across campus from every branch of Engineering at NC State. LRL is poised for growth with a network of investors and mentors. Think of us as the extra nudge to propel NC back on top of the aerospace industry.

We believe humanity’s future will be in space exploration, and we would like to contribute to that. Our project gives members valuable firsthand experience, and we're always looking for passionate students who are willing to learn.


We are one of the first amateur teams racing to launch a liquid-propelled rocket to the Karman line: 100km above sea level.


The LRL Engine Test Stand is a test fixture that allows us to perform full-duration and full-thrust static fires of rocket engines that we develop. This system is fully automated and allows us to safely test and characterize our engines in a consistent environment with the capability of large amounts of data collection. Our test stand is currently the highest capacity mobile engine test stand in development.


Matthew Simpson CEO

Matthew Simpson

Chief Executive Officer
Alexander Allen Chief Engineer

Alexander Allen

Chief Executive Engineer
Nazar Rush Lead of Propulsion

Nazar Rush

Propulsion Lead
Kavin Govindarajan CFO

Kavin Govindarajan

Chief Financial Officer
Ben Black Structures Lead

Ben Black

Structures Lead
Bilal Syed Chief of Staff

Bilal Syed

Chief of Staff


Josh Mithcell Structures Alumnus

Josh Mitchell

Former Structures Lead
Dario Muller Avionics Alumnus

Dario Muller

Former Avionics Lead
Hassan Polani Technical Advisor

Hassan Polani

Former Propulsion Lead
John Slugg Structures Alumnus

John Slugg

Former Structures Lead
Abe Weinstein CEO

Abe Weinstein

Former CEO
Niall Mullane Lead of Programming

Niall Mullane

Former Programming Lead
Joey Bream Lead of Programming

Joey Bream

Former Programming Lead
Morgan Willis Lead of Propulsion

Morgan Willis

Former Propulsion Lead
Mark Funderburk Chief Safety officer and Testing lead

Mark Funderburk

Former Chief Safety Officer
Sagnik Nayak Former Buisness and Mission Control Lead

Sagnik Nayak

Former Mission Control & Buisness Lead
Cade Cuddy Programming Lead

Cade Cuddy

Former Programming Lead


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